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MDF Recovery Ltd has developed a novel, proprietary process to recover wood fibre from waste MDF. Until now, landfill or burning were the only options for disposing of MDF. We offer a better ecological solution for MDF disposal which generates a new raw material source for the wood/natural fibre industry that reduces demand on standing forests.

The recovered fibre is of the same high quality as virgin wood fibre and provides a feedstock to the manufacturers of MDF board, insulation products and formable packing materials.

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construction industry

Our technology can:

  • recover high quality wood fibre from waste MDF which can in turn be used to produce new MDF and other construction materials such as thermal insulation
  • produce an eco-friendly alternative to mineral wool and glass fibre for thermal insulation materials
  • offer an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill and burning for waste MDF.

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