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MDF Recovery

eco-friendly shop-fitting


Refurbishment and fit-outs inevitably result in tons of material heading for landfill. We can help change this practice and improve your CSR credentials. Let us help you to ‘Close Your Loop’.

eco-friendly shop-fitting

Furniture Manufacturers

Cutting, shaping and finishing MDF creates waste.  Our proprietary process will enable MDF manufacturers to recover value from their waste MDF and improve productivity.  

Talk to us about recovering value from waste MDF.

eco-friendly shop-fitting

Property Developers, Architects, Builders

Does your company policy encourage the purchase of recycled materials? Are your clients looking for ‘green’ solutions?

Talk to us about the availability of products containing recovered wood fibre.

eco-friendly shop-fitting

Local Authorities & Waste Management Companies

Are you involved in issuing or tendering for PFI and similar contracts? Thousands of tons of waste MDF can now be recycled thus improving your KPIs.

Ask us to assist with improving your performance.