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MDF Recovery

Recycled Wood Fibre With The Same Quality As Virgin Wood Fibre

MDF Recovery’s innovative processing technology is a patented process that enables the recovery of high quality wood fibre from waste MDF. It produces wood fibres in the range of 0.5mm – 3mm; the same high quality as virgin wood fibre. Read the independent report about the MDF fibre quality from MDF Recovery’s process here. A full-scale plant could supply up to 5 tonnes of fibres per hour on a continuous basis.

The fibres meet the technical specification for re-integration into medium density fibreboard manufacture and can be supplied in commercially relevant volumes.  They can be introduced into production lines operating traditional resination processes or those that utilise dry blending technology.

Not only do the recovered wood fibres represent valuable feedstock for MDF manufacturing but they are also suitable for other high value applications such as thermal insulation and horticultural growing media.

Our process does not use chemicals and is more cost-efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly than landfill or burning – the current options for the disposal of waste MDF.

Why Recycle Waste MDF?

As functional as it is while in service, MDF does cause headaches when it needs to be replaced. Until now, there have been no viable options for MDF recycling. Decades ago, when MDF was devised and plants were constructed to manufacture it, end of life recovery was not considered an important issue.

Disposal was a choice between landfill or incineration. With MDF Recovery’s technology now ready for market, neither makes sense any longer. This valuable timber resource can be used time and time again.

There is over 40 years’ production of MDF embedded in products and buildings and over 75 million tonnes of new product being manufactured every year.  This material needs to be handled sustainably.

MDF Recovery can help to save money and increase resource efficiency throughout the supply chain.

If you are responsible for green procurement, sustainable materials specification or ethical waste management, please get in touch to see how we can help.