Natural Fibre Processing

MDF Recovery

Recycled Wood Fibres: Useful Across Many Industries

Recovered wood fibre from waste MDF can be readily reintegrated into new MDF during the production process, serving to improve its green credentials.  It is also suitable as a sustainable natural fibre source for thermal insulation materials.

There are numerous other opportunities to use recycled wood fibre to reduce the environmental impact of new products within other sectors such as packaging, industrial fillers, automotive components and wood plastic composites (plastic lumber).

Horticultural Products

The recovered wood fibres produced by MDF Recovery’s process can be added to a variety of soil improvement products but are particularly suited to soil-free growing applications (including hydroponics). Commercial scale use of mineral wool for the growth of plants and vegetables is common but MDF Recovery’s fibres now offer a more sustainable option.

If you are interested in exploring how recycled wood fibre could be used to improve the green credentials of your industrial products, please contact us.