Fibre Applications

MDF Recovery

Natural Fibre Processing

Recovered wood fibre from waste MDF can be readily reintegrated into new MDF during production, or used as a natural fibre source for insulation, packaging or even hydroponics. Find out more about natural fibre processing.

Thermal Insulation Materials

MDF Recovery’s fibres can replace or reduce the use of mineral wool products in a wide variety of industrial applications including thermal insulation products. Find out more about thermal insulation materials.

Waste Management

MDF Recovery’s patented process is expected to reduce the cost of MDF disposal in addition to generating a viable, highly marketable product in the form of high quality, recycled wood fibre. Find out more about waste management.

MDF Manufacture

MDF manufacturing wastes 20% of its material. Our technology offers a solution for recovering waste and improving productivity. Find out more about MDF manufacture.

If you are interested in any of these sectors and wish to reduce your environmental impact by recycling MDF, contact us.