Our Partners

MDF Recovery

The BioComposites Centre, Bangor University


The BioComposites Centre (BC) is recognised as a European Centre of Excellence in the forest products sector. It has a track record in assisting companies develop new technologies and products for over 25 years. The Centre has a dedicated pilot plant facility for the production of wood based panel products that is unique to the UK. The facilities include a pressurised 12” refiner and a 120m flash tube drier and cyclone systems for the refining and drying of biomass materials. Additional facilities at BC include mechanical sifting, wet fractionation and fibre analysis techniques.

BC and MDFR have been collaborating for over ten years including the successful completion of an Innovate UK supported supply chain project, which sought to introduce closed loop recycling opportunities for medium density fibreboard, all of which is currently incinerated or sent to landfill at the end of its useful life. Current activity is heavily focussed on the identification and analysis of new potential markets for recycled MDF fibres.

Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP

MDF Recovery is supported by Haseltine Lake Kempner for all of its intellectual property needs.

Haseltine Lake Kempner (HLK), as it is today, was created on 1st May 2019 when two of Europe’s leading specialist IP firms merged to form a new, modern and progressive IP powerhouse. HHL provides a full suite of IP services advising across the entire IPR Lifespan™ and in all technical and scientific disciplines.

The company has offices in London, Bristol, Leeds, Munich, Glasgow, the Netherlands and China.