MDFR receives EU Seal of Excellence

April 27, 2020

MDFR are delighted to have been awarded a ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the EU which recognised the company’s concept and technology as ‘first class’.

The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation funding programme.

Craig Bartlett, MDFR’s CEO adds: “Securing grants from programmes such as Innovate UK or Horizon 2020 is a major achievement, typically only 5% of applications are funded. It is even more impressive when one considers that MDFR has had to compete for these funds with prominent universities and global technology corporations that have decades of R&D experience and teams dedicated to proposal writing. The EU Seal of Excellence will allow us to apply for further R&D grants and provides independent verification of the quality of our work.”

MDFR has been successful in attracting both UK and EU R&D funding to support the growth and development of its core technology for the recycling of waste medium density fibreboard. Closely aligned with the principles of the Circular Economy, promoted by Governments, industry and society, MDFR offers the global panel board sector a commercially attractive way to reduce waste and increase margins.

Based on current global industrial manufacturing capacity, it has been estimated that the use of just 10% of recycled fibres into new MDF boards would result in over 8 million tonnes of waste being diverted away from landfill and incineration every year.

Currently, with no existing option available for the recycling of MDF, the material is simply mixed with other wood wastes or worse still, thrown into skips of full of general waste. MDFR is committed to working with the entire supply chain in order to segregate MDF waste at the earliest possible opportunity. Furniture manufacturers and joinery companies should be able to place MDF waste within a single skip, which will then be transported and processed in a way that minimises contamination. This increases value for all stakeholders and makes better use of carbon rich raw materials. The same principle applies for retail chains that often refurbish their displays or entire stores, many of which contain high volumes of MDF.

The aim is for MDF to become ‘just another recyclable material’ in much the same fashion as glass, paper or cardboard.

MDF Recovery is now working with one of the world’s leading wood panel board producers to scale up its pilot plant to full industrial systems.