IPPS Highlights Need for More Sustainable Use of Wood Fibre

November 26, 2019

More sustainable use of wood fibre predicted

MDFR attended the recent International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS) in Llandudno, Wales where the over riding message from the event was the urgent need for more sustainable use of wood fibre.

This was highlighted by keynote speaker, Marcel Vroege, Head of Forest Industry Consulting, Indufor, who outlined how the wood-based panels industry has continued to expand at a global CAGR of 5.5% over the past decade and is forecast to continue to grow at an even faster pace.

Availability of timber, for a wide variety of reasons including climate change and other natural factors, is likely to struggle to match demand, encouraging the wood panel industry to develop systems that will extend the life cycle of wood fibre across the industry.

Cost and availability are not the only factors driving demand – so, too, is the need for companies to enhance their environmental credentials. Every element of the supply chain – from tree to finished product – is under pressure to demonstrate commitment to the circular economy and make their products more sustainable.

MDF has been produced for over 50 years and yet remains the only wood-based product that is currently unrecyclable. MDFR’s technology successfully completed proof of concept trials in 2018 and has won funding from Innovate UK to complete full validation of its technology and process at an industrial scale in a commercial environment.

More views surrounding future global fibre shortages can be found in the 30th Anniversary IPPS summary article published by Wood Based Panels International – WBPI October/November 2019 issue