Fibre Applications

MDF Recovery

Recycled MDF and recycled natural wood fibres are of immense interest to the following industry sectors:


Refurbishment and fit-outs inevitably result in tons of material heading for landfill. Increasingly, large retailers are aiming to reduce their environmental impact by using a large percentage of recycled materials in their retail outlets.

Furniture Manufacturers

Cutting, shaping and finishing MDF creates waste.  Over 20% of MDF is wasted during the production of MDF sheets.  We can work with large MDF manufacturers to recycle the waste and improve cost efficiency and productivity.

Local Authorities & Waste Management Companies

Involved in issuing or tendering for PFI and similar contracts? Thousands of tons of waste MDF can now be recycled thus improving your KPIs.

If you are involved in any of these sectors and wish to reduce your environmental impact by recycling MDF, contact us.