Leading MDF processor supports Closed Loop Recycling

July 29, 2019

Closed Loop Recycling is a phrase at the forefront of government waste policy but what does this mean for the MDF supply chain? Well, very little until now as MDF has simply not been recycled. However, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of MDF profiles is trying to change that.

Simon Fleet, Group Commercial Director of W. Howard explains how they think MDF can play its part within a Circular Economy.

Simon explained that

“A circular economy is one that keeps materials in use beyond their initial product lifecycle, designing out waste and pollution right from the beginning. In practice, this means raw materials are used to create products and parts which, once no longer needed in the system they were created for, are collected for reuse, redistribution, recycling or remanufacture so that the raw material can be used again…”

W Howard’s commitment to sustainable operation led it to become one of the founding investors and on-going supporters of our MDFR technology.

Jonathan Grant, Group Chief Executive explains:

“we have always invested in ways to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. When we were approached to see if we were interested in investing in this process we jumped at the opportunity, as to be able to offer a closed loop supply chain is almost the Holy Grail in any manufacturing process. This is a very exciting prospect.”